As an aspiring actor or actress it can be hard to break into the industry if you are not in an area that hold auditions or have to travel far to find work. Making valuable connections and friends in the industry is essential because you never know you can be introduced to or who will see you on the streets that can launch your career. In fact, many people have been discovered by just living in a big city and being around industry leaders.


There are many aspiring actresses and actors who have already taken the plunge to live in LA. This means access to more auditions, being available on short notice, as well as being given the resources to connect with people in the industry that can help you get your foot in the door. Living in LA is a great opportunity to seek out resources who probably wouldn’t contact you if they didn’t see an LA address on your resume, headshot, or business card.


Living in LA offers endless amounts of networking opportunities for actors. If you don’t know a lot of people in your field, then you are missing out on some key opportunities in your industry. In Los Angeles, you will be able to make many friends through acting workshops, being out and about, and working your side hustle before you make your big break. The networking opportunities are endless, but don’t just make friends with only actors. Having a widespread network of writers, producers, production, and more is a great way to have insight into the industry.

More Opportunities

Los Angeles also has more opportunities than other places for actors and actresses to find work. With Warner Brothers Studios, HBO, and Disney to name a few, all being located in Los Angeles and movies always being filmed there in general it is no wonder that there are more opportunities in Los Angeles than other places. Acting auditions are happening all the time for commercials, short films, and major motion pictures.

Los Angeles is a great place for actors to move to to start their career. You will be surrounded by many opportunities as well as many people that can help you to find opportunities or you can lean on for support.