In acting, you have the objective of becoming someone else. It is your job to portray the life and mannerisms of somebody else that is not you. This can be a daunting task and is not for the weary. To be a successful actor you must consider all aspects of the characters life. Consider these tips when creating your character for a role.


Familiarize Yourself


Read the script, thoroughly. Once you have done that, read the script again. Everything that is said about your character is in that script. It is extremely important to know what your character is doing and what their objective is. The script will also be able to tell you when and where your character is in reference to time. If the production is set at a different time than the present day then you should study trends from that era. What kind of clothing did people where? What were the popular trends of that era? These are two questions that will set you in the right direction to understanding your character more.


Rehearse and Memorize


Memorize your lines in the script. This will allow you to expand on the behaviors of your character. Knowing the script will help you develop more in-depth decisions that your character would make. Rehearse your lines to anyone and everyone. The more familiar you are with performing in front of people the more you will be more comfortable delivering your lines to strangers. Rehearsing lines will help you develop a tonality for your character and allow you to work on an accent if it applies. Different scenes call for different behaviors and moods. Rehearsal is a great way to get feedback on what you are doing and set in stone a way you will execute the scene.


Body Language


Consider for a moment what your character looks like. Adjust your body to fit the description of the character. Think about how your character would look, how they would stand, sit, kneel, lay, laugh, smile, scowl, and all other emotions. Look at yourself in a mirror and practice these movements. Never be afraid to go too far when practicing your character. Overstep your personal boundaries when practicing a character. Consider portraying actions that you normally would not portray. The director will love the experimenting with the character and will warn you if they feel you have gone too far with it.