If you’re preparing for a big acting role, stage fright should not be an issue for you. A big acting role can take time and experience to land, so here’s what you can do in the meantime. Follow these tips to prepare yourself for that big acting role and you’ll be hearing “lights, camera, action” before you know it.

Know the Lines

While this sounds cliche, every actor or actress must be spot on with their lines. To make your lines sound more natural, enunciate your lines as you practice. Read over them once in your head, and then say them outloud. You’ll want to repeat them multiple times and highlight any lines you struggle with or need to improve.

Don’t Overdo It

Your first big break will be more than exciting. Your nerves can get the best of you and potentially affect the way you act. Just remember to be yourself. If you were picked for a big acting role, the director wanted you for you. Be confident in your skills and that will help you stay in best character.

Be Dedicated to the Role

It’s not uncommon to hear the crazy things actors and actresses had to do to prepare for a role. Remember when Anne Hathaway had to lose 25 pounds from her already thin body for her part in Les Misérables? So maybe you don’t want to put yourself on a dangerous diet, but make sure you’re ready to do what’s necessary for the role.

Research Who You Work With

If you don’t know who you will be acting with, look them up to see who they are. You’ll want to know who you’re working with so you can prepare yourself to get along. If there are any red flags, you can address them before you start your role. Not every actor/actress can get along, but this will help you keep the drama on screen instead of behind the scenes.

Manage Your Time Wisely

Acting can be a full-time job. Make sure you’re ready for long hours of rehearsals and multiple takes on each scene. If you have things you want to accomplish outside of your work in acting, take care of it before you begin the role. You want to manage your time efficiently as an actor/actress if you’re filming or spending long nights in dress rehearsals.

A big acting role will be a memorable experience for you and you’ll become a better actor or actress for it. If you landed a big acting role, you’ve worked hard to get to this point in your career. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and break a leg!