It’s common economic sense that when supply for a product outweighs demand, versions of that product which are particularly effective, novel or otherwise positively distinguished sell and succeed at a much higher rate than generic or unremarkable competitors.

The rules for success as a professional actor operate similarly. An acting career is a dream chased by many, which is precisely why the drama scene is such a tricky field to break into. To truly distinguish themselves in the game, actors need to take advantage of any competitive edge available to them. A drama degree is an excellent example of a valuable resource aspiring performers can obtain to catalyze their rise in the industry.

An Acting Degree Opens Doors

I’ve written before on how skilled actors can locate auditions which suit their talents. A theatre or drama degree from a school with an established acting program, in addition to real talent can equal serious industry connections, agent interest and auditions for prime roles. However, the opportunities opened through of a theatre-based education far exceed the stage. A decent theater degree can easily earn invaluable contacts in the fields of visual arts, set design, script writing and arts consultation.

An Acting Degree Builds Skills

Obtaining a college degree goes beyond any industry clout a simple scrap of paper might bring. College offers actors a chance to engage in various courses, determine where their skills lie, and develop talents in line with professional goals. This period of growth and maturation ensures well-rounded professional development, and allows actors to gain critical experience in self-analysis and discipline. Other skills resulting from a theatre degree include collaborative know-how and an increased ability to write and research effectively.

An Acting Degree Creates Confidence

It is impossible to overstate the effect confidence (or lack thereof) can have on individual success. Simply viewing ourselves as capable can often overcome any lingering doubts or knowledge gaps. Confident people exude charisma and contagious energy, both of which are essential traits for achieving mastery as an actor. The college experience offers potential for building a strong network of support, and being surrounded by people who believe in you makes it difficult not to feel confident.

So if You Want To Act, Learn to Act

If studying theatre or drama at a well-established institution is a feasible option for you, the benefits of doing so could be exactly the boost you need to succeed in acting, and evolve yourself from a dreamer to an achiever.