`Although having an agent can help you in cases where you cannot find work, they are not entirely necessary. Agents act as-as someone who works to find work for you. In an agreement, they will receive a portion of your profits from the work that you have completed. If you have enough patience and a burning drive to make it big in showbiz then you can easily land gigs and jobs without an agent

Search For Resources

There are an endless amount of online resources that can help put yourself out there for artistic employers to view you. Sites such as Backstage.com, or Stars.com will give you access to an online profile where you can upload your professional headshot and resume for directors to see your credentials. Optimizing this site to its fullest potential will be key in getting traction to you as a professional performer. Choose a variety of pictures with different poses and outfits to display the range of characters you can portray fully.

Attend Open Casting Calls

On top of utilizing your online presence, there are always plenty of open casting calls that you can set up yourself. No agent required! Getting into open casting calls is simple. Once you have done your research on local open casting calls, you will want to show up early to them! “Early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable.” This quote should be in the back of your mind when going to open casting calls and can be applied to any casting call you have coming up. Dress appropriately and always come with your headshot and resume prepared.

Attend Events

Local theatres or production companies will throw events and parties to celebrate a new season of performances. Events are a great opportunity to get yourself out there and recognized. Mingle with the crowd and strike up conversations with individuals who may look like they can help you land an acting gig! Connections are key when it comes to the Theatre world. You can never be acquaintances with too many people when you are an actor or actress. Remember: “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

Keep yourself looking professional both online and in person. Always be making connections and put your best foot forward. So once you do land that big acting gig, you’ll forget why you even considered hiring an agent!