Community theatre plays a significant role in the lives of the people involved and the community surrounding it. Community theatre offers unique opportunities to people that no other kind of organization can offer. Whether someone is interested in production or performing, community theatre gives people the chance to shoot for the stars. Here we will discuss some of the ways that community theatre impacts the local population who see it and the people who are involved in it.




Community theatre offers the chance to connect with people in and around your own community. Some theatres will put on kid’s productions throughout their season. The kid’s production will expose children to kids their age and teach them a variety of social skills. Even as adults, community theatre gives an insight into connections with other people to form lasting and meaningful friendships.


Social Skills


Developing social skills is a huge advantage to participating in community theatre particularly for kid’s productions. Children are learning how to interact with other children their age as well as learning skills about performing, acting, dancing, and singing. A child who may be introverted now has a way to express themselves fully through theatre. The skills developed in theatre are invaluable and can be utilized at any point in life.


Bring Together


Even if you are not directly involved with community theatre you could still feel the effects of it. Putting on local theatre performances will help the community come together for a good cause. Residents often times will go to performances at their local theatre for the experience rather than knowing anyone in the show. This kind of theatre creates bonds between the local population and the individuals involved in the production. Community theatre is also a great way to make professional connections around your area. Who knows, attending a show is a talent scout looking for the next big Broadway star!


New Artists

Theatre can bring upcoming talent to the forefront of their community. This kind of theatre is a great way to shed light on unrecognized talent and promote potential career paths for them. Spectators could discover their new favorite actor or performer through their own local theatre. The environment that surrounds community theatre is a welcoming one. The promoted acceptance in theatre gives way to comfortability which can lead to new performing skills and discovering new interests for all who participate.