Starting an acting class or beginning your first day at drama school can be an intimidating experience. Knowing what to expect can certainly ease the anxious feelings you get. The important thing to remember is that you know that you are starting the first steps towards your goals.

Games and Exercises

Expect to get your fill of plenty of games and different exercises to truly loosen you up and expose you to a variety of situations for parts you may be trying out for in the future. Remember, while these seem like games they are all extremely valuable to your teacher seeing how you adapt to different situations as well as giving you many different tips and advice on what to work on. In acting, especially on the stage, you never know when something can go wrong, someone will forget their line, a prop might not be present, and you’ll have to learn to improvise. These games and exercises will help you be able to think on your feet and prepare you for situations that may come up in your career in the future.

Don’t Expect to Put On A Play The First Day

As I said before, plenty of games and exercises will be happening before you even touch a script. Your teacher will be teaching you how to breathe, how to talk, facial expressions, prop usage, etc. Being in a production or starting to rehearse lines doesn’t happen until later in the year or later into your classes. Before you can touch a script many skills need to be learned and cultivated. After that, short scripts and lines will be rehearsed before you put on a huge production.

Remember The Criticism Is To Help You

The first day of acting classes or the first day of drama school it is very very unlikely your teachers and peers will be giving you a standing ovation and crying from how amazing your performance was. The reason you are in classes as well as school is to learn and grow and you peers and teachers are there to push you so that you can achieve your highest potential. Although criticism can be hard to take sometimes, it is important to hear so do not get offended or up in arms about it.

Acting classes are an excellent way for an actor to learn new techniques, make connections, and become an overall better actor. Even experienced actors take classes to learn new techniques and broaden their portfolio of kills.