Whether you’re a singer, actor, dancer, or a performer, you will need some kind of demo reel that showcases your talents to organizations. It can be tough putting together your demo reel. If you are a performer with multiple talents, deciding on what goes into your demo reel is overwhelming. You want to make sure that your demo reel highlights all of your best qualities as a performer. This article will help guide you in creating your best demo reel for potential employers.


What To Include


One rule of thumb when creating your demo reel is to not include everything. Even if you have been in many prestigious shows for high-end companies, you do not want to include every bit of footage there is on your demo reel. Focus on what your strengths are and put them first in your demo reel. Before you show any footage of your performances, include an introduction slide into your demo reel. This introduction slide should have your name and contact information. Make it short and sweet. The purpose of your demo reel is to market yourself as a performer, the introduction slide should take up a very short amount of time.


Keep It Short


Casting directors are seeing hundreds maybe thousands of demo reels every week, your objective is to keep your demo reel short and to the point. Your demo reel should be a minute to ninety seconds at the most. Don’t worry about setting the scene for the people viewing your demo reel. These reels are not meant to make people understand what is going on in the scenes, nut just to highlight your skills as a performer.


Quality Is Important


Try and find the best quality video and audio for your demo reel. Be conscious of background noise and video quality. Production quality determines a good demo reel from a great demo reel. Casting directors will pay attention to higher quality demo reels rather than reels that have fuzzy videos and poor audio quality.


Highlight Past Clients


If you are showcasing a clip that is with a high-level production company, include it in the clip itself. A small text block at the bottom left of the screen will do the trick. This will show that you have experience in working with higher-level organizations and hold some level of professionalism.